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Project management software
Project management software
Project management software
Project management software
Project management software
Welcome to BLOQUM
We exist to make Teams around the world efficientorganized and happy.

Imagine your craziest day at work. You’re swamped with emails, Your to do list is a mile long, and You have no idea where to start. Just getting things done feels like a struggle — let alone doing them creatively.nToday, we build project management software that frees Teams to manage their work so they can focus on the productive and brilliant.

With flexible workflows and deep extensibility, Bloqum Software can be tailored to meet the needs of your evolving business. Rich APIs and apps are available to extend the power of Bloqum Software, so you never have to settle for a one-size-fits-all solution.

Bloqum Software is a foundation on which to build advanced agile workflows and practices. As your organization grows, Bloqum Software helps you stay better aligned across teams – while providing you visibility into potential risks and the progress of key priorities.

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Who we are

Behind every great human achievement, there is a Team. From medicine and space travel, to disaster response and pizza deliveries, our products help Teams all over the planet advance humanity through the power of software.

Our mission is to help unleash the potential of every team.

What we do

Our unique values describe, at the most fundamental level, what we stand for. These five values shape our culture, influence who we are, what we do, and even who we hire. They’re hard-wired into our DNA and will stay the same as we continue to grow.

  • Open company, no bullshit
  • Play, as a Team
  • Build with heart and balance
  • Be the change you seek
How we do it

We believe all Teams have the potential to do amazing things when work is open. Much of the world works, often unwittingly, in a closed way. Information is hidden or lost, bonds between teams and teammates are weak, and perspectives are withheld. The result? People burn out. Knowledge is wasted. Potential is left on the table. Forward progress is halted. This is why Open matters. This is why we do what we do at Bloqum. Open work has always been central to our values. It’s in the DNA of our products and we bring it to life through our practices. But it doesn’t just happen. Our teams make an effort to work, communicate, and collaborate openly every day to lead by example. Open unlocks new opportunities. Open brings us together. Open unleashes potential with Bloqum.com

Our Expereince
We have completed 32000+ projects succesfully
Payment Gateways
Bloqum.com offers You to start receving online payments from Your Customers via integrated PayPal, Stripe (Credit / Debet cards) and Razorpay.
All in One
Kanban taskboard to visualise work and tasks. Project gantt chart to plan the project schedule.
Whitelabel solution to style the app to reflect Your brand. Slack, Pusher and One Signal integration for real time notifications.
Client Management
Create contracts with clients with e-signatures. Create projects, add project members and track the project progress, expenses, earnings, timelogs, tasks, milestones.
mission and vision
Let’s start with Bloqum
Open work isn’t just a philosophy, it’s a practice. Take a deep dive into our original research and thinking around Teamwork.

Bloqum.com is the collaborative work management platform used by high-performance teams around the world. Bloqum platform brings out the best in startup, SMB, and Enterprises teams by giving them a single digital workplace with all the tools, features, and integrations they need to manage, automate, and complete their very best work at scale.

Whether your team is across the table or around the world, Bloqum Software brings a new level of transparency to your team’s work and keeps everyone on the same page.

We’ve built a market-leading product that’s making work easier for thousands of teams around the world. We’re bringing more passionate Bloqumers on board, focusing on building and promoting from within.

Lacking visibility on projects?

Your projects often require the involvement of cross-functional teams. It becomes difficult to stay on top of work progress, resource utilization, and project barriers, while managing to meet the deadlines.

Misaligned with business goals?

Your company needs to stay on top of competitive advantages, just as your projects need to align with evolving objectives. Efficiently prioritizing activities and resources among teams can be challenging.

Constantly following up on teams?

Lack of accountability from your team can bring a project to a complete halt. Email or chat communications often get lost and don’t provide context.

mission and vision
We’re constantly refining our product
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Bloqum.com is a modern work management platform that brings together the best tools for high-level planning, project and product management, task organization and productivity growth based on transparency, agility, and motivation.
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